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Published March 16, 2012
I was at a comedy club a few nights ago. It was packed. The comic onstage was killing. I noticed the room was filled with a Black audience, the comics were all Black so with my amazing powers of deduction (my glasses!) I put 2 and 2 together and realized that tonight was the club’s Black night. I got it. I figured it out. Screw you Inception I’m smart! Then I saw it. The bane of my existence. A sign hanging by the door that really hammered home with a clever name (dropped letters and apostrophe’s galore) that if I couldn’t tell again by the crowd, the comics, the hip-hop, the R&B, and sadly the bouncers at the door (I know what I need when I’m getting my laugh on, protection son!), here is yet another visual cue that tonight is indeed the club’s Black night. Well like it says in the Bible kids, “If you can’t beat’em join’em my son!” so guess who’s going into the business of naming nights for clubs that are geared towards their ethnic crowds? Ya’ boy! Below is a taste of what you can expect to tastefully see at a comedy club near you. Spictacula’ Sunday Wigga’ Please Wednesday What The F**k Are You Friday Y’all Make Us Nervous Monday thru Sunday Mulatto Monday Frijole Friday Unibrow Sunday Brown People Klingon Komedy Thursday Weeble Wobble Wednesday High Yella’ Mella’ Monday Wookie Wednesday She Got A Dick Oh No He Don’t Thursday Waddup Wit’ Gay People Sunday Tonight’s Not Yo’ Night Tuesday Wacky Guacamole Wednesday Urban Turban Thursday Mo’ Racial Barriers Monday Fa’sheezy My Femi-neezy Friday Hip Hop Hindu Thursday Midget Monday Why You Talk Funny Friday Scoliosis Saturday Triple Nipple Tuesday Web Feet Wednesday Muggle Monday Hobbit Sunday Swim Somewhere Else Sunday Chupacabra Friday Ugly Muh’f**ka Tuesday Black Night Me So Sorry Monday Cylon Sunday Cleft Palette Friday Hairy Arm Tuesday One Eye’ Willy Wednesday Vitiligo Viernes Salsa Seltzer Salt N’ Pepa Sunday Women Be Shoppin’ Wednesday People Wit’ A Mole On Their Face Monday We’re Scared Of Your People Everyday Please call the clubs in advance for specific showtimes and scheduled performers.