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June 10, 2011

Sensibly Stupid Talks Gyms

I can't even sit in peace.

Hi there im Sensibly Stupid

I have recently returned from a buisness trip where I spent a considerable amount of time in the gym, heres what happened on that first day at the gym.

6am. I got up and showered and left my room to goto the gym

6:30am. Arrived at the gym pumped and ready when i was confronted by a mammoth of a man who informed me that I should have a personal trainer, I accepted his proposal and we got to work.

9am. the morning training session had started well up until we got to the tread mill.

Now aparently running in boots and wearing jean shorts is not the correct clothing on a treadmill well you know what I say to the nay sayers.......... sir if I cant run in these on a treadmill what happens when I need to run from a mugger ? i can't slip into my running shorts can I ?

To cut this long and boring story short by 3pm I was chasing the gym Instructor across a badly lit car park yelling I told you Mutha Fucka.......

and to top it all off Im now banned from the great state of california because aparently kidnapping and assault is frowned upon.