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June 27, 2008


This is a quickie. I know that will disappoint the 'Witches of Eastwick', but hey- as Steph from the Retributioners told me, George Carlin said 'There's always makin' soup' as a prolonging option.

Last night I'm at an American Legion Hall, having $2 beers and talkin' Korea.

At 7, there's only me and an older gentleman there and Jeopardy comes on, I was surprised he wanted to watch it rather than a baseball game that I'd prefer, But I'm a guest and I'm not about to bitch.

I start playing along with the TV. I'm very good at certain catagories- sports, movies, music. I suck in others-geography, science.

Final Jeopardy comes around- it's movies- I'm like 'Great, I'm gonna sink his Navy guy'.

Here was the answer- your challange WITHOUT USING GOOGLE is to answer it. First one wins a prize. If it's one of the Witches, I'll throw on some 'Stay Long' and do the best I can--

"This person has the most acadamy award nominations of all time- 1 as an actor, 6 as a Director, and 14 as a writer'

Alex says-- Good luck-- music starts you have 30 seconds--

Oh, and I got it wrong, as did all 3 contestants on the show and my Vet friend.

Kim (Litho) this should be easy for you!