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December 30, 2009


Fellow cappers,

It’s been a great run the past few weeks with the pictures that fOD posted for us to cap. If you haven’t noticed yet, sarcasm is one of my specialties. The past few days especially have been brutal. I will say this; maybe they do that to see who truly is the most creative and clever. Not me. A cat by a phone is about as funny as a guy with his tongue sticking out at his wedding. Hopefully with the New Year ushering in, a slew of funny pictures will overwhelm us. Let’s hope so.


My son enjoys playing computer games and often makes fun of me when I talk about the good old days of Pac Man and Donkey Kong. The graphics on some of the games he plays are better than some of the movies we used to watch 30 years ago. I also saw on ESPN some time ago the Madden NFL Challenge where people from all over come to participate in the Madden contest to win like $50,000. Since when did video game playing become a sport? I could just see Chris Berman talking about how last year’s champion, Boyd Stackhouse is listed as doubtful because he is suffering from carpal tunnel and won’t compete today. Or that Josh Feegleman has a blister and is listed as day to day.

If competitive gaming was around in the early eighties, I would have made some serious tokens playing the original Pac Man. I knew the first ten patterns to take to get the most points on each level. Sounds nerdy? The girls used to dig it at the roller skating rink. My favorite game was something called ‘Crazy Climber’; a guy is trying to climb up the side of a building while windows close, people fire potted plants at him and birds also try to shit on him. All of those things can make you fall. Oh you are trying to save a girl stuck on the roof. Some of you might remember it. Dig Dug, Centipede and Galaga were pretty fun too.


I stumbled across this picture and thought about the sport of gaming. These games were from the golden age of video games. BTW, notice the year on the cheerleader’s sweater…eat your heart out Halo!

Results to be posted soon.