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Published June 17, 2013

The Netflix ground breaking method of releasing a full season all at once is working wonders for their original shows. But not every show is suited to be binged. Here are a 7 shows that thankfully did not premiere on Netflix:


Thank television heavens for 'Six Feet Under' not being a Netflix show. 'Six Feet' is a wonderful series, and definitely a must watch. But Binging a whole season of it would probably make you want to kill yourself. With each episode brining death and misery closer to heart, watching only two in a row would make you wish you arrived at the Fisher home in a casket yourself. You know what, scratch that about 2 episodes. Seeing the opening credits sequence alone would depress the hell out of you.


'Glee' is fun, quirky and cheerful, which makes it a perfect candidate for a whole season to be released at once. But the side affects are dangerous. First, this show should not be watched while consuming any kind of sweets or candies. Blood sugar levels are dangerously high. Second, when you finish watching, you'll find it hard not to burst into song at any opportunity. Given, having no more episodes of Glee to watch is, by itself, a good reason to sing. But you may find yourself humming some tunes about traffic jams and left over chinese food you have in your fridge. On the other hand, Zooey Deschanel landed herself a whole show for doing just that.


Another HBO series from Alan Ball, proving this man should stay as far away from Netflix as possibly can. 'True Blood' is a pretty light watching experience, and could easily be consumed in a 12 hour marathon. But beware, binge watching this show has the same effect as watching porn for 12 hours straight. You'll have fun, but when you get up back into the world, you'd be surprised to see most people are actually dressed most of the time. Other symptoms may include a southern accent, an aversion to the color red, and some strange feelings towards Alexander Skarsgard. So, yeah. Pretty much like porn.


The FOX classic show is screaming to be binge watched, and many people in fact did. But a Netflix release for this show could actually be a health hazard and potential cause of death. Unlike most Netflix shows, this one has a long, '24' episode season, that takes place in real time. Which means- if you binge watch this, you're going to want to do it minute by minute, to preserve the premise of the show. Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Jack Bauer, you don't have a fictional bladder. I give you half a season before you burst. You're probably thinking, “Hey, if CTU agents can go without sleep for 24 hours while saving the world, I can stay up and watch a TV show”. Well, let me tell you one thing- Jack Bauer never peed his pants.


What's so bad about getting all episodes of a children's TV show all at once? The answer is the same as getting all the LSD you'll ever buy in your life all at once.

In small doses, 'Adventure Time' is a funny, colorful, imaginative show, loved by both kids and adults at once. But if you stay up all night watching this in a row, you're gonna have a bad time. Just like doing too much drugs (which will also make you see talking candy canes and bubblegum princesses) you'll start becoming really paranoid. Are the mushroom wars really a warning from the government to stop nuclear proliferation? Is the Ice King actually a hippie who lost his mind smoking too much weed? Why does Jake sound so much like Bender?

'Adventure Time' is recommended to be consumed in small portions. There's a reason episode are only 9 minutes long.


If anything would turn you into a raging hypochondriac- it's binging on a whole season of 'House'. While normal hypochondriacs would satisfy their ilness with a weekly visit at the doctor's, and an occasional google search for cancer symptoms, the 'House' binge-watcher would not settle for anything less than a 4 day quest to find the rarest disease known to man. After a 'House' marathon every elbow bump is tuberculoma, every cough is a sign of Eosinophilic Pneumonia, and Lupus is  always on the table.


You know what? Actually this one should be on Netflix. They say if you binge watch it, it actually becomes funny. And if you watch it backwards and dubbed in Japanese it'll really make you chuckle!


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