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Published: June 16, 2009
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So, last night... my time in Phoenix came to and end...

I touched down in Detroit a tad after midnight, grabbed my bag, walked outside, lit up a smoke, looked at my wrists.... and realized why the FAA won't let you carry razor blades on a plane anymore.

Seriously... after spending the better part of three days in hot, but non-humid, weather... A hell of a time at a conference... great scenery and the like... (Check my photos page towards the bottom... I got a few good ones there... G*D Damned Denny's ad is preventing me from posting them here... Damn capitalist society!)..

Who want's to come back home, to this socially/emotionally/barren wasteland???

My favorite phrase all weekend when talking to locals was "You get used to it in Detroit... but It's real weird, the differences in climate when you travel... Temperature changes... Humidity... the lack of 'Soul-Crushing-Depression' that so permeates the city of Detroit... It's nice here."

Oh... and if anyone will be in the Phoenix area, let Jason2K1 know... He's a hell of a tour guide, and a blast to hang out with. I only had 4 hours before my flight, and it was the best time out of the whole trip.

... Where as, South-Worst Airlines... They just blow otter taint... Seriously... those seats are not wide enough to fit 500lbs of person next to me... and leave me room to breathe... Come on!!!

Ok... Back to work... and House sitting....

Hell of a way to wake up in the morning...

... When's the next conference?!?!?!

- Kenny G.

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