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June 19, 2018

You would be right to think that hazelnut milk chocolate is one of the most common varieties of chocolate , and so why bother review one ? Well CARNABY SWEET is a Canadian brand and their line of chocolate bars is new-ish so im excited to try them all. I like hazelnut and milk chocolate so trying and reviewing the CARNABY SWEET HAZELNUT MILK CHOCOLATE bar didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. This bar has huge chunks of hazelnut in it , to the point where looking at the back of the bar you can see big lumps in the chocolate bar. The milk chocolate is creamy , perfectly sweetened and delicious. The hazelnut pieces are crunchy but not too hard and they give a delicious hazelnut flavour to this bar. Very rich in milk chocolate and hazelnut flavours. This bar is creamy crunchy and smooth all at once !!!