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January 13, 2010


With the recent onslaught of cat food recalls and the number of cats that died from kidney failure as a result, it is no wonder that a pet owner would consider creating a homemade cat food for his or her feline friend. There are many things to consider before you pull out the pots and pans, and a thorough comparison of homemade natural cat food versus store bought food is required. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) said in a 2007 press release that it is very possible to create a quality meal in your home instead of purchasing pre-made cat food (American Veterinary Medical Association). The Association stressed that before taking the step to create your own cat food, you do need to spend time educating yourself on the nutritional requirements of your cat as a species and as an individual. A cat’s age, body, and health must be taken into account to insure a nutritional natural cat food. If you are afraid to use commercially produced cat nutrition food or would prefer not to use it, how can you make your own, nutritionally sound food? First, you should speak with your cat’s veterinarian to ensure that your cat’s individual needs are taken into account. Cat Nutrition Nutritional needs change as your pet ages and its health changes. Second, do a lot of research! The internet is full of sound advice, and there are numerous books and articles on the subject. As long as you know what the average adult cat requires in terms of protein, fats, nutrients, vitamins, etc., you can easily craft a well-made cat nutrition home meal for your cat and avoid some of the concerns expressed by Dr. Towell. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both homemade natural cat food, cat nutrition food and store bought food? Store bought cat foods: Advantages: They have been manufactured for a long time, and a lot of feeding trials with actual cats have been conducted. These various studies have demonstrated what the majority of cats require and thrive on nutritionally. There is a sense of familiarity with store bought foods, and there is definitely an ease of product purchase, storage, and feeding. Many people feel comfortable with a quality cat food that is recommended by their cat’s veterinarian. Disadvantages: Most commercially produced cat foods have long shelf lives, and preservatives are required for this. Most cat food employ a long list of artificial and chemical preservatives. This does not have to be reported on a natural cat food label since it was not added by the manufacturer itself. Another disadvantage is that the quality of ingredients in most commercial food is lacking. The cheapest products are often used to fit the bill, so meat meals and lots of grains are employed. Meat meals are simply ground up bits of something, and a lot are just parts that were not fit for human consumption or by-products. Some in the natural cat food industry denied this, others said yes. The FDA conducted a study and used sensitive tests to determine the truth. The knowledge about homemade cat cookie recipes is increasing everyday. In the early days, little was understood about how to create a quality diet. Many felt that dogs and cats had lived off table scraps, bones, and small prey for years and that this might be an okay food substitute. cat cookie recipes Unfortunately, table scraps are often fatty and cause intestinal upset and many bones splinter. The feline is as close to a wild hunter as possible, and very little true domestication has occurred with them. As a species, they do not need humans to survive. Meat and some vegetation or grains would be the most likely components. A homemade cat nutrition diet that can incorporate meats, vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, etc. and a correct nutritional profile would be as close to nature, only enhanced, as possible. Homemade cat cookie recipes and best dry cat food: There are no preservatives, and it is freshly produced. You can regulate the quality of ingredients directly as well as their safety. You can tailor the meal to the requirements of your individual cat as well as its food preferences. Homemade cat cookie recipes not only allow a higher quality of ingredients; they also allow your cat to receive all of its nutrients, vitamins, and such from the meal. High heat levels used in commercial cat food processing destroy many of the nutrients and natural enzymes in a cat’s dinner. A homemade natural cat food meal retains these valuable resources for your cat to use. Another advantage is variety. You can and should serve different kinds of meats, different vegetables and grains, and other ingredients. best dry cat food This provides your cat with a rotating food base, and this more correctly mimics its natural needs. There is little doubt that your individual cat would probably prefer a delicious homemade natural cat food over the commercial product, if given the chance. best dry cat food If you are interested in making your cat its own dinner, take the time to talk to your cat’s veterinarian, do research on nutritional values and what is required, and browse through recommended recipes. You will know the best decision for you, your lifestyle, and your cat. cat nutrition Cats that are not fed enough protein have weaker muscles. Cats have little need for carbohydrates as they utilize protein and fats for energy sources. Unfortunately, the average dry cat food is generally at least 30% carbohydrates and cat’s natural bodies are not equipped to handle this amount, often leading to allergy problems and stomach upset (Arora 2006, 46-48). best dry cat food A homemade diet should give a cat a shiny coat from the fats that are directly available to the cat in the meat. It will have more energy since it uses the fat and protein from meat to convert to energy. It should experience less allergy and skin problems as well as less vomiting or stomach upset due to the reduction in grains and carbohydrates. cat nutrition An added bonus is less to clean in the litter box too! Obesity should be a thing of the past. If your cat is a little overweight, a reduction in grain products and a return to a natural diet should produce a healthy and sleek kitty. For more information on feeding your cat fresh homemade cat food, best cat food, natural cat food, best dry cat food, cat nutrition, cat cookie recipes rather than commercial and the benefits of this for a long happy and disease free life please go to http://www.catFoodRecipesOnLine.com References: American Veterinary Medical Association. Animal Protection Institute. Medical News Today.