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Published: September 26, 2011
Description: Read today’s question & learn how to cash in on the motherload of unemployment . . .

SAQ - Blog 9/26/11

Dear Stupid Ass Questions,

Would I get away with writing my own ransom note and not show up to work for a while? I don’t feel like working anymore and maybe my boss would wire the money and then I could just quit. From what I can figure out I’m worth at least 2 thousand.

Dear Kate,
It’s good you don’t want to work anymore since you were already finally fired by the ratings. While someone may be willing to pay $2k to keep you off the air, that won’t even pay for your next round of Botox. There’s only 1 way a mother of 8 can go on without working and that’s to audition for Sister Wives. Break a leg.