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July 21, 2015

Three easy steps to making your own garbage out of valuables you already have on hand.

Want a cool, authentic piece of trash to throw away but only have jewels and valuable family heirlooms lying around the house? Not a problem! With this fun DIY activity, even the costliest items can be converted into worthless pieces of trash.

Step One:


Pick out a few of your fanciest possessions – expensive metals, imported silks, money. The greater the worth of your items, the greater the thrill will be of seeing them go to shit.

Step Two:


Ruin your belongings with physical force. And hey, if you destroy your hands while breaking your valuables, all the more crap to add to your awesome, edgy, an totally disposable piece of garbage.

Step Three:


Dunk your battered goods into some garbage juice. You can find this stuff on city streets – or even in your own sewer pipes! If your hunt for garbage juice is unsuccessful, try taking a shit directly on your items.

As a finishing touch, smush your shattered, shat-on valuables into a glob, and voila! You’ve gone from gold to garbage in minutes. Next time you pass by that stinky junk yard, you’ll have something truly unique and disgusting to contribute to it.