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May 24, 2009


For the last four days I have been in and out of the spirit world. I have the strangest dreams when I am sick.
 I've dreamed many weird dreams when sick. The first ones were kites and tornados. then around five am my cell starts ringing and won't stop. Later around nine oclock this am, I check the number and its my mom's cell phone number. I call her back, and she tells me that she didn't call me at five am. So I go back into my semi-coma, dirfting in and out of the spirit world. Now it gets wierd, my phone rings and my roomate answers because I am m.i.a. in my room as I have been for most of the last four days. Its my mom, she's crying and all jacked up, and my aunt-who my mom just got back from visiting yesterday, who lives in Arkansas, slipped in the bathroom around five a.m.- broke her neck and died. I am setting up now and sweating, I hope to end this sickness soon. I need to call my mom and try to be a little more coherent than when she called me first.