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November 06, 2011

I had to write an essay for a mandatory class. My mentor who teaches the class said it could be in letter form. This was the only guideline we received.

I had to write a letter for a mandatory class. My mentor who teaches the class said it could be in letter form. This was the only guideline we received...

Dear Janice,
How have I enjoyed our hour long lesson plans about life! I’ll never forget the time that you brought us cookies that second week. I thought to myself geee this is going to be a fun class not to mention a pretty neat mentor. Of course, like in everything else, I was right. Common Hour has gone above and beyond my expectations. Was it the class or was it you Janice that made it such a wonderful, comfortable experience? Could it be both? I lay awake at night pondering this question on nights end and yet have been unable to come up with a decent answer.  Does this reflect on my stupidity? Maybe, yes. But I like to think that you’re a little leprechaun that watches me during the day and takes notes at the things I like and don't, so when Thursday’s one jammed packed hour comes around, you'll be ready to entertain me. Yeah I bet that's it; there isn't another logical answer but this. I am sorry I have discovered your secret; it was only a matter of time. But don't be frightened tiny creature, I will tell no one because I value what you have done for me and more for my fellow comrades. I couldn't imagine having Common Hour with anyone else. Your magical and special, you have the fashion sense of a human. I'm assuming leprechauns are their own race; correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway you have taught me many things like: money management, downloading porn is cool as long as it’s not illegal, the library is there to help me, beware of Facebook and so much more. Sorry at this moment I am too overwhelmed to name anything else. Why am I overwhelmed? Because I realize our time together is almost over. Sad face! I hope you will grant me my three wishes before this time of ours is over. I hate liars and snitches, I know you aren't a snitch so I hope you won’t lie to me and say you aren't a leprechaun because you know what happens to snitches and liars.

Snitches get stitches, Liars start fires

Sincerely Janet Valencia

By the way, I hope this made you laugh and if it didn’t I encourage you to fail me for I am nothing without bringing a smile to someone’s face. Common Hour has taught me that it’s all or nothing or was that gambling? Either way they both have a special place in my heart. I do have one request from you and I hope you follow through with it. Here it is: when you read this I want you to play Desperado by the Eagles for me. Now, now I am totally serious; here me out. I want you to hear Desperado so you’ll feel saddened the way I do when I look back and realize our fun times are almost over. But immediately after Desperado ends I want you to play the YMCA song to cheer yourself up. Don’t be afraid to do the hand gestures; no one is watching. Please cherish this letter forever, for this second page can be disposed of immediately as it’s not my finest work so why keep it, am I right. I bid you adieu my fair lady.

Sincerely a great Shakespeare fan, Janet Valencia


Are you crying? Awe gees please don’t cry. I knew Desperado was a bad idea! Okay, okay we can be Facebook friends if you want no big deal. This reminds me, you have also taught me that friendship is important and that we are all diverse so we should care about each other and accept everyone for who they are. Wow Senorita, well done in teaching me in another teachable moment. I know what you’re thinking “Janet you have taught me more than I have ever taught you,” this may be fact but let’s say it was a win win for both of us. We both made each other great people at the end and that’s what matters. I thank Common Hour for bringing us together and after this I believe we will be closer than ever. Putter there bud. We did it, we made it HOORAAH! Adios friend, brother, mentor, Janice (you are your own category).

Reach for the stars! I believe in you! Truest J