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October 26, 2008


So Coldplay were on SNL last night, it was so awsome. They played three songs, and I really can't remember the last time some one played three songs on SNL. Chris Martin gave an endorsment for Barak Obama at the end of he thrid song which was "Yellow". I happen to be listening to the song right I love it. Too bad he's English and can't vote in or election. Also I didn't know if that was Wii Ferrell playing G.W. but I just saw right now it was. Super funny stuff. Tina Fay Comedy Goddess made the skit with yet another great performance as Sarah "Moose Killer" Palin. The show was hosted by John Hamm from Mad Men one of my new Favorite shows. This was a great night of SNL. One of the funniest eposoids this season. Thanks loren Michael's. Oh yeah by the way if you like Loren Michaels check out Sundance Channel for the show "Iconoclast". Michaels appears on the show with Paul Simon who is just a real gentle genius. That is all. Check you later Machine Heads.