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July 02, 2017

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING: Between The Breakup Agency and Authorized Relationship Extraction Agents (R.E.A)

Between The Breakup Agency and Authorized Relationship Extraction Agents (R.E.A)

(a) TBA 0420
(b) IDFWU, Chapter 1
© (NWO Regulation)

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Brian Steuber and the Relationship Extraction Agents Designated Approval Authority for The Breakup Agency is for the purpose of establishing a secure communications between future clients and The Breakup Agency for the electronic transfer of personal information. Each of the undersigned agrees to and understands the procedures that will be in effect and adhered to. It is also understood that this MOU summarizes the information system (IS) security requirements for approval purposes and supplements The Breakup Agency approved system security plan (SSP).

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This MOU describes the classified network arrangement between The Breakup Agency and their clients in support of Operation Blue Falcon. The Relationship Extraction Program ( R.E.P ) is a program to help those who are stuck in dead- end relationships and/or abusive relationships that consist of evidential proof of infidelity and other to be named requirements. Designated Approval Authority The Breakup Agency

CEO and Relationship Extraction Chief

Brian Eric Steuber
www.TheBreakupAgency.com .

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