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November 16, 2010

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The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to implement a new law banning Happy Meals with toys.  Why?  Here’s why:

From CNN.com:

The new law addresses how toys and other marketing freebies entice kids to buy fast-food meals that are high in fat and calories, said Supervisor Eric Mar. He initiated the proposal because his fifth-grade daughter is in the 6-to-11 age group that has seen obesity rates quadruple over the past 30 years, the same time that the Happy Meal has been on the market.

Entice kids to buy fast-food meals?  How many 6-year-olds do you see in the drive-thru ordering happy meals?  None.  Why?  Because they’re too busy at home playing XBOX while they’re slightly-less lazy parents are out grabbing dinner at McD’s.

McDonald’s isn’t at fault here.  They offer shitty food because people enjoy and buy their shitty food.  It’s a simple, guilty pleasure that doesn’t require much effort or thought.  Kind of like listening to Justin Bieber, except my friends don’t call me a homo for eating a Big Mac.

Parents: step up, stop being lazy and take control of your children’s health and development (and your own).

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