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February 16, 2018

Let's not talk about Ugandan Knuckles or eating Tide Pods, let's talk about the real memes of 2018 so far First off, the Somebody Toucha My Spaghet meme is still embedded in my brain, one month down the track. 2. Kylo Ren in his high waisted pants to the little kid from Stranger Things as a comparison of how fast he'd grow 3. Kylo Ren's high waisted pants 4. The off ramp meme - where the car swerves into another lane, labelled with two options 5. "When the puzzle" memes - the ones where the age limits are largely taken out of context and manages to be stupidly funny 6. Kim Kardashian with muscles 7. Pineapple on pizza?! 8. The old man with his thumbs up. He looks super sad, yet the meme is super funny 9. The chubby Stranger Things character compared with a couch 10. The guy who comes up to the girls bedroom, about to take his clothes off, notices a frame on her desk and leaves. These memes never fail to amuse me

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