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August 01, 2013

cheesus, for all those who are gouda, are gouda... *hot pocket* LINK ONLY ACTIVE FOR THOSE WHO BOOKMARKED

there once was a loaf of cheese, and his twelve prepackaged slices of cheese. he roamed the earth being gouda, being cheddar, and sometimes being provolone. he once said "if someone was given a loaf of bread, would they seek me?". he was right, because of cheesus, He is within us all, especially at the deli down the street.

His father, Ham, was a rightous deity. he was salty and certain people didnt like him, but it was settled in the New Satliment that they, well, are a-ok and cool people.

cheesus was baked at the time of his sacrifice. acheese. *hot pocket*