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Published February 02, 2012

It's Super Bowl time, and what better way to pretend you care who wins than by gambling! In addition to betting on the winner, gamblers often place 'prop bets' on various fun details such as who scores first, the number of fumbles, and who wins the coin toss. Still not enough? Here are ten more side bets you and your friends should make:

Number of times announcers refer to this year's Super Bowl as a rematch of four years ago
Over/Under 12.5
Number of times announcers use the word 'overshadow' when referring to Eli and Peyton Manning
Over/Under 16.5
Likelihood of some dude at your Super Bowl party half-jokingly mentioning his man-crush on Tom Brady
Yes +300
No -100
During ‘God Bless America,’ Tim Tebow miraculously appears before audiences in a vision … which actually just turns out to be a cutaway shot of him in the stands.
Yes +250
No -150
Odds that Elton John makes a surprise appearance during the halftime show and starts playing 'Rocket Man' in the middle of Madonna's performance.  The battle quickly devolves into an all out catfight which eventually gets broken up by Slash, who just happens to be nearby for some reason.
Yes +175
No -125
In addition to reprising his role as 'Ferris Bueller' in Honda's much hyped Super Bowl ad, Matthew Broderick also appears in Suzuki's less publicized 'Deck the Halls' ad.
Yes -100
No +500
Number of Bud Light ads featuring man-children who come up with clever ways to secretly drink crappy beer instead of going shopping with their wives while attempting to popularize a ridiculous new buzz word like 'Freshability' or 'Dudification'
Over/Under – 2.5
Point at which people realize Super Bowl ads aren't actually that good anymore
Before overtly sexual but illogical Go Daddy ad  +250
After second Pepsi ad with grossly underutilized celebrity cameo  +325
After fan-made Doritos ad with special effects made using free iPhone app  +150
During ad referencing much better Super Bowl ad from ten years ago +400
Odds that someone makes a 'Sh*t People Watching the Super Bowl Say' video
Yes +1000
No  N/A
Odds that despite all the excitement, you won't even be able to remember the score of the game by Tuesday
Yes +500
No -200
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