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November 06, 2009


I just gave a mad rant about social networking sites and how many I am or have been signed up with at some point...and then my computer has a hissy fit and I have to start all over again. Blimming typical.

So, I am sitting in my spare room, sipping Pepsi Max and wondering at the fact that i spend more time looking at what my friends, family and acquaintances are doing on Facebook then i do with real people, like my hubby.

Dont take that wrong, I love my husband. He is great, but sometimes I feel like life is one big merry go round....you go past the same sights over and over again.....at first, every sight is an adventure and exciting, but then that dies down and all you are left with is boredom and dizzying sickness.

Iam not comparing my husband to a merry go round. It is life itself. Everyday seems the same as the last. Get up, go to work, laugh with work colleagues, get lunch at 12pm, back to work, home for 6pm, cook, wash up and tidy up, before going to bed at 11pm. Sometime between 9 and 11, i am checking my emails and chatting to old school friends on MSN who quite frankly bore me to tears. The type of friends who you didnt look back and wave to at school, but because you know them, then you have to add them to your friends list, people who you feel obliged to talk to, but always avoid if you see them out and about.

Or is that just me?

I am currently doing photography in my spare time, which i love. And i am also writing a book, which will probably keep me busy for a while....but I just wish there was more excitement for me out there.

I look at celebs and there busy hectic exciting lives and i want that. Not the fame, but the busy lives, the too-busy-to-go-home-and-see-family type of life.....Not that i dont want to see my family. I just want something more than what i have got.