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October 02, 2013

Here are 7 TV shows whose characters could have really used some affordable health care.


1. Cheers

The Affordable Care Act expands tax credits to help small businesses provide health insurance to their workers, and businesses don't get much smaller than the place where everybody knows your name. Sam Malone had a staff of three employees,  all of whom could've used some decent health insurance. Carla had like 15 kids to look after and hell, Coach DIED. I WONDER WHY?!

2. Seinfeld

Though real-life Jerry was the creator and star of one of the biggest sitcoms of all time, TV Jerry was just another work-a-day stand-up comedian, and stand-ups do not typically get a benefits package. And although George eventually got a cushy job with the New York Yankees, before that he was just another unemployed, down on his luck American hoping that the white thing on his lip wasn't cancerous. And had it turned out to be? Well, under the Affordable Care Act, George's insurance company would not have been allowed to deny George coverage for what would be deemed a pre-exisiting condition, baby! Summer of George! 

3. Friends

Having friends who are "there for you" is great and all, but with jobs like waitress, struggling actor, masseuse and whatever Chandler did, it's also nice to have some insurance there for you as well.  

4. Roseanne

As a freelance contractor and part-time, minimum-wage worker, Dan and Roseanne Conner would have had a hard time affording quality insurance for themselves, their children and any alternate actors portraying their children in later seasons. Plus, under ObamaCare, Aunt Jackie would have been covered against everyday risks at the Lanford Lunch Box, like slipping on a loose meat sandwich.


5. All In the Family

Under the Affordable Care Act, Gloria could have remained covered under Archie Bunker's insurance plan until she was 26. Sure, Archie may not have liked the idea of ObamaCare, but that's only because he was a stubborn bigot who would have opposed President Obama tooth-and-nail no matter what the issue, even if it meant going against the best interest of average Americans. Good thing there's no one in Congress like that!

6. Family Matters

Who knows what Steve Urkel's personal insurance situation was, but with all of his zany contraptions, sentient Urkelbots that could have turned on humans at any moment, and the time he actually BLEW UP THE ENTIRE WORLD (this really happened on the show, look it up) it sure would have been nice if everyone was able to afford health insurance. This squeaky nerd was a friggin' time bomb, and if you injured yourself hiking up your pants while doing the Urkel Dance, you'd wanna be protected. 

7. (And Especially) Breaking Bad

Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies can't limit the amount of money they pay for your coverage if you get sick and stay sick. That means that the White family would never have had to worry about paying for Walt's cancer treatment and there would never been any need for his murderous transformation into Heisenberg. Granted, we all LOVED his murderous transformation into Heisenberg, but Walt was also a scientific genius with an unmatched talent for making meth. Imagine if it was your dad. What does he know how to make? Chili? Most dads would be much better off with some decent insurance.
All these characters could easily get that insurance by going to http://www.healthcare.gov and signing up.