Turn Me Loose (The BADASS Jake Moore is a bad boy with a bad attitude who is fresh out of his second aka jail this time for kicking the shit out of smartass at some crappy bar again. But old Jake E boy his is sick of the half way houses , jail time and nut house trips and all that BS for one life time you dig a. So his trying to change his ways for the better but his got to do it his way or no way at all. But it's going to a up hill battle the whole time because all he knows is being a total f in badass who is always looking out for #1 aka himself. Jake grew up hard and he grew up fast bring that he grew up in foster care because his parents where on drugs. He drop out of high school and has ever since been living the street life and all that kind of deal all these years. So now Jake must just take it step by step in turning his life so he can be a productive citizen in society here in the good old U.S. of A brother ! So it's time to find a good woman , a good job , a nice home , true friends and so on and on if his going to have a real life. But like i said his got to do it his way or no way at all my friends. Totally badass dark comedy ! ) 

The Fist Foot Way: The Complete Man ( The Loser Fred Simmons who is a Karate instruction who is trying to get and yes his trying to get back with his ex-wife Suzie Simmons because Fred has no life because like i said his a loser. ) 

Jacob Ladder ( A full on movie about the Jacob's Ladder story that is in the Bible. ) 

Barb Wire and Ghost ( based off the comic books and the comic book crossover issues and all that good stuff. Made by the W.W.E. starring Paige Night as Ghost and Nattie Neidhart as Barb Wire and other wrestlers can also be in this as the bad people in this flick. Rated R. ) 

The Spirit ( Am saying turn that movie into a rated t.v MA new t.v show or web series. ) 

Darkman ( The animated web series based off the Darkman comic book series from back in the 90's. ) 

Five Loose Women ( The T.V. show based off that old Ed Wood movie. ) 

Ready to Rumble ( The cartoon based off that old W.C.W. movie. An yes it will be made by the W.W.E. and yes it's about W.C.W. ) 

Bring back new episodes of Sunday Night Heat and Shotgun Saturday Night to the W.W.E. network. 

Country Boys ( Think of this show as sex in the city for men ! About the sex lives of 4 single guys in their early 40's that all live out in the back woods. This dudes have been hangout with each other since high school because their all the same age. An so here are the 4 dudes. The nice guy Sam Keith who is a coal miner ( never married no kids that he knows about anyways ) The funny guy Hank Green ( married a few times but no kids that he knows about anyways ) and his a Bar Owner of a bar called Good Times. The hardass Joe Steele who works in Fracking ( never married but had a kid with his high school sweetheart Barbie White and their son Jacob Steele is now in his 20's working at the Good Times bar owned by Hank Green ) and the 4 man of the crew is the wild card Cody Rogers his the steel worker (  was married to Hank's sister Sally Green and they had a daughter named Kim Rogers and she is the same age as Jacob Steele and she also works at her uncle Hank's bar. As for Sally Green she died in a plane crash coming home from a work convention because she was a real estate agent at the time of her death. Anyways Jacob and Kim like each other but must keep it on the down low from these 4 dudes. ) and so that is your crew in this show. Now have fun making into whatever you feel the need for it to be players. )

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