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imaginary Mid Life Crisis ( The Garbage man Mr. Joe Lawler has just turned 50 year old and his about to have a mid life crisis. You see his been a widower for 5 year now do to the fact his wife Mrs. Niomi James Lawler died of a aneurym 5 years ago on Joe Lawler birthday. An they have soon together named Jacob Lawler and his a 25 year singer songwriter how has just been kicked of his band The New Guys and his Girlfriend his high school the mail lady Jayme Franklin dumped his ass and kicked him out of her house because he doesn't grow up , so his moved back in his dad Mr. Joe Lawler and is going to community college Looking for a new band to sing for and on the hunt for some new a GF and all that shit. An as for old dad Mr. Joe Lawler who has lost his God Damn mind ! Because he now has an imaginary Girlfriend that he thinks is the real thing you see. So his son is trying to help him get over this freak out. An he does so by hooking up with his cat lady history teacher Miss. Trisha Jefferson who is also 50 year old and has never been married and has no kids because she weird as fuck you know. But it's going to be hard sale because his dad is in love his imaginary woman he called Miss. Sally Love she is also 50 and she is a "romance novelist" but her stories are not as good as the real thing and you know what am talking about right. But anyways his imaginary women goes away after he gets with Sally and he gets married to the Cat Lady teacher. As for his son he gets back with his band and his woman and it's all good the hood once for the Lawler family.  The End. Rated R. All out comedy mother fucking Gold baby. You get the fucking point so go on and turn it into a sweet and funny odd ball little comedy and make lots of money off it on me my friends.  Because it's the same kind of shit as everything but different you dig. So have it big dogs.)

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