Fool of Regrets (  Dustin Alexander lives a life of regret. Because his always doing something he will regret and well the regrets just keep coming in his life , in all aspects of his life. An these are his sad but funny stories , that help him grow and become a better man. Because at least i can say this about Dustin Alexander he does learn from his mistakes. But the mistakes never end because that is human life. ) 

Mark (
A die heart pro wrestling fan Mark Johnson who lives in his parents basement ( make his parents old pro wrestlers ) as an unemployed 30 year old , who lives for pro wrestling. So now this out of shape goofball is going to try his hand in becoming an independent pro wrestler. An yes ladies his single. )

Super Sexy ( Alexis Wood was just another porn star in LA , until one day she eat a what she was thinking was an LSD hit , but really what was really on the hit was Alien DND from an unknown alien parts unknown ( Do whatever you want off that little part back story ) and this hit of alien DNA has given are porn star Alexis Wood the super powers of super intelligence and super health , and she will use these powers to clean up the city Angels. Being a thorn in the side of the King Pin of all King Pins the fat cat himself Karl Knight yes his the king of all things black market and that bad stuff because it's what keep him rich baby ! An well Super Sexy is f*cking up his game and he don't play that sh*t ! ) 

Rack Attacks ( Rack Attacks is a hooters like bar and restaurant and that is where is comedy takes place at , being that the show is all about trying to keep this new independent restaurant rack attacks open.  You got your Owner Ricky Schroder a man who was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth thanks to his single cougar mother the actresses Pamela Higgins ( Erin Gay ). An yes the mamas 

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