( Animated Show ideas and or animated movie ideas make up this list of the Top 25. ) 

#25. Barb Wire & Ghost ( The animated series or movie based off the cross over comic books series made by Dark Horse comic books. ) 

#24. Darkman ( The animated series based off the comic book series of Dakman would be sick ! ) 

#23. Adult Swim Thursday Night Movie - Stroker and Hoop : All or Nothing : the animated movie.  

#22. Out There : All the Way (  Out There the short lived IFC animated show becomes a new movie made for the IFC channel.  aka Out There the Christmas movie you dig. ) 

#21. Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party  ( That short lived show that was on spike t.v. should make a come back with all new episodes on AS. ) 

#20. Chozen : The Movie ( Like i said bitch ! Chozen  The movie ! ) 

#19.  Allen Gregory ( FXX is calling your name Allen Gregory. ) 

#18.  Napoleon Dynamite ( the animated series makes a come back with a rebirth on Nickelodeon. ) 

#17. All new seasons of , High School USA , Axe Cop , Golan the insatiable , Lucas Bros , Murder Police ,  on FOX Saturday Nights. 

#16. Galaxy Wrestling Alliance (  A remake reboot of Mongo Wrestling Allinace made into a movie by and for adult swim. #WebMovie , and also buy on DVD and blu ray from adult swim. ) 

#15. Korgoth of Barbaria ( the movie since it costed to much to air the series on Adult Swim back in the day and all you know. ) 

#14. The Jungle Man ( " The Jungle Man " Scott Carson sets out to darkest Africa Jungles to find the fabled city of the Dead , and must battle the thick jungle , hostile natives , wild animals and a deadly epidemic called ebola in his hunt to find this fabled city of the Dead. ) 

#13. Action League Now ( Back on Nick as a stand alone show once again for the kids and a action league now movie should be made first then if the kids like it then it's come back time for the Action League Now T.V. series you dig Nick.  ) 

#12.God the Devil and Bob ( Pick up where the last episode left off at and then bob f*cks up and so he has to win God over again to become his go to guy again but it never happens because Bob and is an ass. Little dark this time around on Adult Swim. ) 

#11.  Rocko's Modern Life : Rocko's Day Off : The Movie : Rated PG 13 

#10. The Ambiguously Gay Duo (  All new episodes on AS. ) 

#9.  The Mighty Heroes ( That old cartoon from back in late 60's should get a reboot remake with a 2016 look on CN. ) 

#8. Blade The Animated Series back for an all new season. 

#7.  Underworld the animated series. 

#6.  D&D the rated t.v. MA animated series for the all adult D&D nerds out there in the world today. 

#5. Battlefield Earth ( The animated movie that has that final fantasy the spirits within look about it you know what am sayin. ) 

#4.  Animal House ( The animated series based off the movie. ) 

#3.  Duckman ( An all new season off Duckman on the U.S.A. network for the first time since 1997.  An in this new season of Duckman the characters are all 18 years older from the last time we seen the cartoon but not much has changed at all. ) 

#2. Duke Nukem ( The animated series. ) 

#1.  Factory ( That short lived Factory show that was on spike t.v. should become an animated series made in the memory of the fat guy that was on the show who died not that long ago ( RiP ) , Factory is the story of four guys who grew up together in the same small town, who drank a lot of beer, and dreamt of one day making a name for themselves. The four guys are still friends and still drink a lot of beer, only now they all work in the town's local factory. When not figuring out new ways to avoid doing their jobs, the guys are usually trying to appease their wives and girlfriends, without great success. Gary – The unspoken leader and ladies' man of the group, Gary has been putting in long days at the factory for years, lately just to get away from his bi-polar wife. He epitomizes the classic slacker-underachiever whose wit far outweighs his motivation.

Smitty – Smitty is the sarcastic one of the group, and he fancies himself an intellectual. He currently lives in the same house as his ex-wife, but a glimmer of hope has shined on him in the form of his ex-wife's stepfather's sister's daughter (no relation).

Gus – Gus is currently working up the courage to propose to his live-in girlfriend of 11 years. A big teddy bear of a guy, Gus occasionally manipulates his friends to get what he wants.

Chase – Chase is a naïve 12-year-old in the body of a 35-year-old linebacker, in desperate need of a girlfriend. His naiveté makes him the butt of many jokes, but his friends are always encouraging him to meet women, especially if it means they have the chance to live through him vicariously. ) 


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