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God The Devil and Bob: "Live Action" ( The series is based on God and the Devil making a bet over the fate of the world. God wants to wipe humanity off the face of the planet and start over, but he realizes that he's "not that kind of God." The devil gets to choose one person, and if that person does not prove they have made the world a better place, God will destroy the world. The devil chooses Bob Allman, a beer-drinking, porno-watching auto plant worker from the suburbs of Detroit who, when asked to save humanity from complete annihilation, asks "What's in it for me?" After saving humanity in the pilot episode, the series revolves around Bob being God's "Go-To Guy" whenever he gets a great idea to help out the world. God ( David Bluestein): The laid-back, beer-drinking deity, whose human appearance is visually styled on Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Though he is distressed with the state of the world and is considering destroying it and starting over, even going so far as to design a new universe where marsupials replace humanity and humanity "is somewhere down the food chain". He wants to give humanity a sporting chance. Though he and the Devil appear to have put much of their differences behind them, and are frequently seen socializing, God has a habit of constantly forgetting the devil's birthday. He often wears sunglasses and drinks light beer. He enjoys poptarts and spacefood sticks because of their convenience. Though he is normally invisible to everyone but Bob, children can also see him. He has guidance over people's souls until they are 12. The Devil ( Justin Hartley ): The Devil is trying to persuade God to destroy the world, and is constantly trying to thwart Bob in his attempts to save it. He is a margarita drinker and drives a purple Dodge Charger described by Bob as the "coolest car [he's] ever seen". Despite appearances, the devil is needy and co-dependent, often reduced to tears when God ignores or forgets about him to the point he planned to go to war with Heaven when God forgot their golf outing. He also goes into vicious rants when he loses a game (i.e. bowling with God). He has influence over people's souls from the ages of 12-20. Bob Allman ( John Turturro ): The pornography-watching, under-educated prophet/messenger of God. He is an auto plant worker from Detroit, and is a huge fan of the Red Wings. Despite his numerous failings, God has faith in him and Bob eventually pulls through. He is very unsure of being qualified or capable to save the world. He clearly loves his family and goes to extreme lengths to keep them safe. As the series progresses, Bob appears to start to be on friendly terms with both God and the Devil, though the latter is still frequently antagonistic towards Bob. Donna Allman ( Paula Poundstone ): Bob's wife who is constantly trying her best to be a good mother. She doesn't believe Bob's claims that he is working for God, and thinks he must be delusional. She has recently returned to college after 14 years of parenting. Megan Allman ( Sierra McCormick ): Bob and Donna's 13-year-old daughter, and eldest child. She is overly rebellious, insistent, very stubborn, bad-tempered, and unruly, yet loves her family...very deep down. She's also a bit of a hypocrite. Andy Allman ( Pierce Gagnon ): Bob and Donna's 6-year-old son. He is a sweet, good-natured boy who looks up to his father. He is the only person who really believes Bob talks to God and the Devil. Smeck ( Verne Troyer ): An imp-like demon who is the devil's put-upon henchman apprentice. In spite of the abuse he suffers at the devil's hands, he remains loyal to his master. It is suggested in the an early episode that he is among the oldest demons in hell. In episode seven, we learn the devil would fire him were it not for his union and would kill him if he had not promised Smeck's mother on her deathbed. An that is your cast in the new live action God the Devil and Bob. An you t.v show makers can spin it how ever you feel from there my friends but am telling you if you did this show over again and make it live action it's going to be a hit show on whatever channel has the guts to do this show because it's a cult classic so there is already a fan base ready for more.) 


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