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November 27, 2010

character profiles for Natural Selection

Barry White (Lead Protagonist)

Barry White, is a gullible, naive, and unaware of being slightly prejudice man in the future.  He has no control over the circumstances of his life. He has internal conflict of living in a world where all men hate all women and all women hate all men, he still secretly longs for the love of a woman. When he falls in love with the enemy will he choose the woman he always wanted or his new love?


Jack Polemann (Protagonist Ally)

The legendary Jack Polemann is Barry's best friend. He is famous for seducing his way to freedom after being capture by a dozen women warriors. He is charming a suave.  Admired by the men and hated by the women.


Chadwick Polemann (Protagonist Ally)

The complete opposite of his brother Jack in every way.  Chadwick is in love with Barry White who consistently rejects his advances.


The King of Man

Self proclaimed king of man.  He is notorious quoting rock n roll lyrics when ever he is at a loss for words.


Queen Gnomann (Lead Antagonist)

She is the scientist that perfected the cloning of humans with use of DNA.  She is a woman activist and leads the women to a world wide revolution that exiles men from society.  She is the leader of the United Woman's World.


Princess Caroline (Protagonist love interest)

The rebellious daughter of the Queen.  She has her own ideas and does not see eye to eye with her mother the Queen.


Barry's Ex Wife

Left Barry and joined the woman's movement.


Black Guy #1

He is selfish, self centered and only cares about himself.  He believes that he is only one of a few men left in the world and does not value friendship.


Black Guy #2

He has a terrible phobia of women and overcomes his fear.


Warrior Woman #1

Ruthless woman warrior and head of the woman military.


Warrior Woman #2

Second in command of the woman military.