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September 25, 2009


..."fuck me I'm not a weirdo."

I think this is a good thing. Often, I have sat alone and pondered my own mental integrity, sometimes you can think about it so much that you question yourself.

Well today, my questions have been aswered. In the short-term certainly.

Being made redundant from a job that you love, where you work with close friends, is a sad thing to go through, many emotions run through your mind, anger, upset, confusion..etc etc.

Some people may jest, at the thought of sabotaging such a company, for taking away part of their life which they enjoy. Fair play, we all do, its natural to joke about nuking the server room, or spray painting the front doors, blocking the toilets. Instead, we put games up and spend many a joyful hour wasting business time.

Jesting aside, we do worry about our emotions when something shocking and sad happens, however - no more will we need to, no more will we need to question our ability to interact with society...because...WE did not bring an extremely large "hammering device" into the office this morning.

I shall say no more.