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Yeah man back in high school my life was like Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Like i would always show up late for class with my guitar in my hand just about everyday high off smoking some jays and my history teacher would always be up my ass just trying to help me make it in the world. After school i would drink and herb ( RiP to all my drinking buddy that are no longer with me.) and i had a shitty band ( RiP D-Bo "He and i played together in a few diffrent bands but then  a few years ago my d*ckhead of a bro got him on the H. D-Bo would O.D \ bleed internally ( from drug use and fighting a off the clock cop one night that give him the internal bleeding days before his death.) dead at the young age of 24 years old. His Dad killed himself over it when it happened. This was years after high school a few years back but in high School up to the die he died we where close.), a sh*tty car and a sh*tty job at a restaurant that i hated but i am damn good at doing my job. Then after work i would drive my mom's old shitty car  (with no license mind you only with a permit. and still to this day i don't have a license that i crashed at 15 years old and had to fix  by getting a job doing dishes and bussing tables at a italy restaurant that i ended up working at for about 8 years off and on always dating some chick that i worked with there "4 girl friends in 8 years". As for the car my brother and his friends so totaled it later on that year. SO Anyways back to Beth) to pick up my girlfriend who was over 18 and we would get nasty at the house all the time! (An at work once i got her a job at where i worked at.) and when i wasn't doing her i was skiping out of class and drinking with my boyz. An yes there where a few times where i had some perganant chick tell me it was mine because am the only one they ever had sex with. But lucky for me that wasn't true and the kids are not mine that god. Where how my high school years where going before i drop out of high school. Because i went to TX to see my girl friend (And i just tuned 18 in 11th grade because i was held back a year in 3rd grade.) who moved away but she didn't want anything to do with me when i went to see her down in Austin T.X. ( An now she is 30 and has 3 kids by 3 diffrent dudes.  Yeah where friends on facebook.) So i came home and was starting to stay with my best friend Oliver (who i meet in year 2 of 3rd grade.) and i was on my way to going to going back to school for are SR year. But he die that summer before are SR year in a car crash right out in front of his house. Hit and killed by someone i know. So i never made it back to school after that even after they told me i could come in the summer after what would have been my SR year to finsh up high school. Anyways i didn't do it and my life as been all down hill since. But them 3 years of high school for me where some of the best damn years of life by far so far. But hey sh*t happens that you must rise up from and fight on for bigger and better things to come your way in life "i have not yet seen them things come my way but yeah what ever beause as well all know life is a total b*tch and then you die the end." SO JUST KEEP YOUR HEAD UP PLAYERZ NO MATTER WHAT GOES DOWN. DA BULLFROG LOVE YOU ALL FOR EVER AND MORE.

PEACE in the middle east.

"An yes All my friends are dead." 


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