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January 26, 2009


Ever think you have a spare moment? A moment you were waiting to sneak away to the bathroom so you can...well...you know...what ever it is you need to do? You are an adult, you don't need permission to go anymore...and at the same time, you don't feel like announcing it to everyone either.

So the store isn't loaded (but I am) with customers. I think I can slip away for three minutes...but NOOOO! I barely get started when one of my clerks opens the stockroom door and yells through the bathroom door just to ask me a question. The bathroom door is three feet from the stockroom door and he has a booming voice...and I have a booming voice, but I'm trying not to use it because I just know there are customers right behind my clerk. Worse part is...he could have waited just a few minutes for me to answer his question (which I've only told him about fifty times in the four years he's been working here).

This ever happen to you?


Me niether.

Bathroom door...follow me for fun & adventure!

Things overheard in a book store:
From the "Watta Dump" Department

I'm looking for a book on Bette Davis.

Me: Oh...yes! There's a new one out and....

Customer: No. It's not that one. Do you have any others?

Me: No, this is all I have in the store.
I proceed to read a list of books from my computer that he may want to order.

Customer: No! None of those are it. She's an actress.

Me: Yes. I know .Do you know who wrote the book? Did she write the book?

Customer (in a disgusted voice): SHE'S DEAD!

Me: I know that, sir. I just thought she could have written it....

Customer (Turns and walks off shaking his head): She's dead!

Me (under my breath): Well ...I didn't kill her.

Note- To this day, that's how the staff sometimes greets each other in midshift. "We need to go to the bank, there is a customer on hold for you, and Bette Davis is still dead."