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November 08, 2008


My AA sponsor gave me a look are you sure you're not on crack when he saw me on a writing jag.I'm naturally f**ked up cause I was born on Black Mollies. My Mom believed that doctor was right when he prescribed her some amphetamines to lose some weight while she was pregnant with me."Don't worry,Mrs. Sakelariou. The pills won't have any lasting results.Bullshit,we all guinea pigs the pharmaceutical companies!! And,doctors and pharmacists are license drug dealers.When I die want my buddies to put my ashes in a bong and stoned for about a week. Anyway, I had a glazed look over my eyes when I getting on my writing jags and after I leave the stage. The look scared the crap out of my friends who I smoked crack with. I've only done it four times in my life but I could see me getting addicted to it. Shit, I'm glad never done heroin.In the hospital when I had anxiety attacks they in the past gave my some morphine.After a while,morphine didn't work on me and they bumped me up to didaludins.I just had this goofy look on my face. My friend who smoked crack with me got scared cause I kept on putting out cigarrettes on my arm and laughing sinisterly.