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if your reading this am dead.
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Published January 06, 2012

Have your ever done like 7 shots in under one hour where it made you puke you guts out that night and lives you with chest pain for a week and a killer headake where it feels like your going to puke Your self too death because of your forever lasting hangover because that is where am at in life right now and it's so so so not cool. (Remember slow down when it comes to drinking so you can enjoy your self you all.) GOD JUST LET THiS HANGOVER END FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT iS GOOD AND HOLY!

Have you even jacked it like 5 to 7 times in one day because am on my way right now a i type with this nasty ass hangover. For waxing it does make me feel a little better even when you feel like death.

Have you even f*cked yourself because i have so meany times and hard! (An yes my BS needs to stop now.)