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Published July 02, 2014

Warfield& Associates: Code of Conduct Services

Theworld is complex and this complexity makes it imperative for all organisationsto have guidelines for behavior.

Itis important for all your clients or customers, your staff and otherstakeholders - to understand exactly what your organisation stands for and howthey can expect you to conduct business.

ACode of Conduct is basically a set of standards describing the behaviour youexpect of your own people. Relevant laws, regulations and internal policies donot govern all behaviour. A Code of Conduct should be an integral part of theway you work every day. The Code doesn’t change the basic nature of thebusiness you undertake, but instead it should articulate the way you strive toconduct business.

Whilstno Code of Conduct or ethics management activity can guarantee the preventionof wrongdoing, a Code of Conduct, coupled with appropriate supportingactivities, is considered a “best practice” that can help to sustaina culture in which integrity is valued and promoted through everyday businesspractice.

ASXCorporate Governance Council’s principle three relates to promoting ethical andresponsible decision-making. It statesin the section ‘Application of a code of conduct’:

“Companiesshould formulate policies on appropriate behaviour of directors, senior executives and employees. Companies shouldencourage the integration of these policies into company-wide managementpractices. A code of conduct supportedby appropriate training and monitoring of compliance with the code areeffective ways to guide the behaviour of directors, senior executives andemployees and demonstrate the commitment of the company to ethical practices.Companies should ensure that training on the code of conduct is updated on aregular basis.”

Wehave developed Code of Conduct Services that take into account the ASXCorporate Governance Council’s Guidelines as well as the Australian Standard AS8002-2003 : Corporate governance - Organizational Codes of Conduct.

Our servicesinclude:

Developingor Reviewing a Code of Conduct

Wehave incorporated the Australian Standard AS8002-2003 as well as our ownsignificant experience investigating unethical behaviour into a process fordeveloping a tailored Code of Conduct. We believe that it is important to get buy-in from your stakeholders andthis is achieved by focus sessions and/or questionnaires to ensure specificissues that your organisation has encountered or staff have been subject to inthe past are incorporated into the Code of Conduct.

Oncethe feedback has been obtained from these focus sessions and/or questionnaires,we then develop a draft Code of Conduct in draft form that we discuss with you.

Implementinga Code of Conduct

Oncea Code of Conduct has been developed or reviewed, we can assist with itsimplementation. It is important that theCode of Conduct is accessible to stakeholders. This includes considering widely publishing the Code of Conduct.

Code ofConduct training

Itis important that stakeholders understand what the Code of Conductrepresents. This is best achieved byface to face training that incorporates scenarios based on real lifesituations. This assists staff tounderstand and apply the concepts from the Code of Conduct.

Wealso can develop an induction component of the Code to ensure all new staffreceive in the key concepts of what is expected of them during theiremployment.’

Warfield & Associatescan help you design and communicate your Code of Conduct.