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December 28, 2008


If anyone knows only one thing about me, it's that i like zombies. that is to say, i'm looking forward to a zombie apocalypse more than anything, i don't want one for a pet, nor do i want to control hordes of zombies to do my evil bidding. ever since my first zombie movie, i've wanted to try my luck at survival.

The first zombie movie i ever saw was, " Night of the Comet." If you've never seen it, it's about a night when a comet passes really close to the earth and it emits some sort of radio active horrible, that turns everyone who wasn't hiding in a lead enclosed dwelling into a type of zombie. i thought to myself, "self, that looks truly amazing. i would like to try this." After watching every zombie movie i could get my hands on, i became a little obsessed with the idea that this could acctualy happen, and began explaining, to my loved ones, rules of engagement if there ever was a zombie event.

Recently i saw "Diary of the Dead." the latest in the George A. Romero's dead series. i have to say i was impressed, more than i expected. Film students making a horror movie learn the dead are rising, and try to figure out what to do. One student decides to record the events and upload them to a "zombie survival" site, or some such thing, to out the truth, as the media and goverment are downplaying the event to "eh, this'll pass." while thousands are face raped by the recently undead.

i loved this movie for the simple reason it begs the question, " are we really worth saving?" As a race, is there enough good people out there to want to save them all? it may sound callous for me to think this way, but watch the movie. it shows how the people react, and it is stock footage from real natural disasters, with looting, shooting, and pushing old ladies out of their wheelchairs. You've all seen how awful we can be. 

The more fond of these zombie movies i became, the more i wanted it to happen. Not just to test my metal, but i was pretty sick of people, and how important we've become. An event like this would shake everything up. Things would have to change. Sure there would be millions of zombies, death, decay and stench everywhere. But the end result could be wonderful. After the zombies, death and decay are cleaned up, this could be a beautiful place.

who knows, all i know is when it comes, i'll be ready... will you?