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July 18, 2015

More commentary at Ms. Dolezal's expense

Rachel Dolezal Comic Rant 2

Comic Rant on Rachel Dolezal (2)

Ryan Nelson


It was recently suggested by a very intelligent person that Rachel Dolezal should be Hilary’s running mate in 2016. She would bring the guaranteed “connectedness demographic” attribute to not 1(one), but 2(too) cultures thatcould have the deciding vote in 2016.

These categories are:

(a) sad teenage white girls and, more specifically,

(b) Middle-aged pretending-to-be-black white woman who told a buttload of lies to see how far she could go before someone could, as Susan Powter would say, “Stop the insanity!”

I told you the second category was specific. And I told you that both demographics were game changers, and the second is no exception. Rachel is the Spokane President of the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of Crazy People).

I know, I know. Cheap shot. But she got away with it for



So anyway, I get a tip from Talky Mike, my connection at the local insane asylum (and, by the way, the aforementioned ‘very intelligent person’ is, according to this guy, Rachel Dolezal. She needs the attention only a vice-presidential candidate can get. Don’t worry, we’ll talk with Rachel about 2020.

“President Dolezal. I like the sound of that!” - Rachel Dolezal, as if she were Goldie Wilson, future mayor of Hill Valley.

The thing is, she has the full support of all the inmates at insane asylums all over the U.S. That’s like, thousands of votes Hilary would have banked if she chose Dolezal as a running mate. I’m just sayin’