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December 22, 2009


My snowmobile has a hole in the Coolant resivor. I found it sat. when my sled refused to run. I just rebuilt this sled and have about 1500 dollars in the engine. You who know me know I have been working on this machine all summer. Well it seazed up and I got it back to the truck and found that there isn't anything wrong with the sled. It started and ran well several times so it just got hot and it was ok once it cooled down. Now enter problem. I need this resivor because I have a two day event comming up the day after christmas. So I order it from one of my many well known parts peddlers. I fill out the forms, enter the needed billing info, go to the shipping page and think to myself; " Ok its expensive to overnight this but I need it so spend the 35 dollars and get it here." So I over nite it. The next screen is order review and it says shipping 35 dollars express overnight expected delivery date- Jan 15 to Jan 21st. Ok I do alot of shipping and recieving over here in Grizzland and ups ground doesn't take that long. WTF. I'm not a company suit or the head of shipping for a major parts supplier and I don't make the 7 figure payday, but I felt compelled and acted on the compelation and picked up the phone.(OH NO GRIZZ IS ON THE PHONE WITH A SUIT.) Not to ruin your holliday cheer, I explained the old websters dictionary's deffinition of "OVER NIGHT" using my favorite footnotes and adjectives from the old Sailors Thesauras. Long story short, it will be here Thursday. It was amazing though, I would hear a small speil on shipping details, and interupted often by saying a gruff- "DO YOU KNOW WHAT OVERNITE MEANS?" " I MEAN LETS PLAY ASK A THIRD GRADER." "IN MY WORLD OVERNIGHT MEANS TONIGHT WHILE YOU AND I SLEEP, THE PACKAGE MOVES ACROSS THE COUNTRY BY AIRPLANE FROM YOUR TOWN TO MINE WHERE IT IS MET IN THE MORNING BY A DELIVERY GUY AND HE BRINGS IT TO MY HOUSE."  "NOW THATS ACCORDING TO WEBSTERS OLD DICTIONARY, YOU MUST BE USING WIKIPEDIA,." and I threw in a few "I SPECIFIED I WANTED IT OVER NITE NOT OVER NITES. THERE IS NO PLURAL ON NITE."  The poor parts guy on the other end assured me that my part would be here thursday, So I should have it no later than wednesday next week. Oh well looks like a Blockbuster weekend. I'll just go see Sherlock Holms and Avitar. God Bless Fod'rs I love my video freinds. greatest sense of humor  in the world can be found in Grizz1's People I subscribe to list.