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November 30, 2015

Although you may not be familiar with them, the Monmouth Hawks are very good at celebrating their greatness.

Although you may not be familiar with them, the Monmouth Hawks are a pretty good college basketball team. If you haven’t been paying attention, the little-college-that-could just knocked off USC, took down UCLA in OT and even upset a No. 17 Notre Dame team. Of course, even if you were watching those games, chances are your eyes weren’t on what was happening on the court, but rather on the team’s bench and their intricate, over-coordinated celebrations.

The foursome behind the over-the-top celebrations (cousins Daniel and Louie Pillari, freshman Tyler Robinson and injured forward Greg Noack) have played a combined total of only two minutes on-court, but are quickly racking up much more than that in SportsCenter highlight time, which, quite frankly, is the most important statistic in sports. Let’s hope the team keeps winning and that madness continues deep into March.

Below are some of the highlights from the team’s bench’s strong start to the season. Of course, for actual basketball highlights, you should probably visit a different website.

A slam for a slam.

Goin’ deep.

Goin’ fishin’.

When normal kicks just won’t do.

When rightside-up kicks just won’t do.

Celebrating a win with a good meal.

A mean mug for all that Gatorade.

Flying high on top of college basketball.

Deadly accurate.



h/t SBNation, Elite Daily