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April 07, 2008


i love getting "jesus loves you and he wants you to be saved" pamphlets on the subway and such. there's always this friendly, welcoming picture of christ at the top and some life affirming slogan like "love can save you and god is love!". but when you get to the actual body of the pamphlet the first line is something ominous like "the coming of the lord will be soon" and goes on about how god is not slack towards the slackness of men (or something from Peter). or if i'm really lucky i get one that's all fire, brimstone, and revelations. i love it. funny how some supporters of the word can really make god sound like a terrorist.

i just wanted to end that with something incindiery.

fuck a duck


very late ps..."all's well in the tiltawhirl" is from chris cornell's song "steele rain". the closing track on his brilliant solo album "euphoria morning" i'd make babies with that man, just to hear him sing.