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Published December 07, 2013
Reboob Engineers at Microsoft are developing a high-tech bra. Not because they think it will sell - they just wanted know what it was like to be near a bra.   No Sweat! Hopefully Two men are attempting to break the world record for the longest handshake by continually clasping hands for more than six days. The men say that to break the record they must avoid fatigue and accidentally looking into each other's eyes.   Missing: Overpriced Crap A Victoria's Secret store in Massachusetts has reported the theft of 72 bras. Police warn that the thieves could be armed and perky.   Don't Panic! It's Just Your New Kindle Amazon has revealed plans to some day replace delivery drivers with drones. Experts say the move could completely revolutionize the plots of porn movies.   Let Us Join (Orange) Hands and Pray The man who inspired Taco Bell's billion-dollar-selling Doritos Locos Taco has passed away. He'll be honored at his funeral with a special 21-fart salute.