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July 20, 2013

5 everyday things that are preventing you from falling in love.

5 Things That Are Replacing Sex

By King Christopher


Could regular sex be replaced? It looks like things are moving people in that direction. Real life interaction is at an all time low. The truth is social sites, fetishes, and technology has made it a real pain in the ass for anyone who is unmarried and wanting to date.




Everyone has some a fetish on some level but now it seems to be getting more extreme. Just plain sex isn't good enough anymore. Now it's all about torturing the other person's genitals. One of the latest trends in the fetish world is where a woman in high heels steps on a guys balls.




When it comes to social network websites, you have all these so-called friends but how many of them do you actually see in real life? The reason this affects relationships is because women are alright with just typing back and forth with a guy but all you end up with is a never ending conversation.


Smart Phones:

By far the worst are smart phones, a woman and her cell phone can't be separated. A smart phone is capable of ruining marriages. that can end a relationship before it begins.


Spa Treatments:

When woman go to the day spa they get the same kind of thrill that men get going to the strip-club. So when the woman comes home after getting her massage, she's not going to want deal with a guy who's ready to screw. My advice: Buy a King Christopher massage video so you can be the one to turn her on.


Porn Movies:

Porn is big a problem, the first thing a bored couple does when they want to spice things up in the bedroom they resort to porn videos first. The other problems with porn is that men think that's how women want sex,but if you really know women, you can tell she isn't turned on . men in porn are possibly the worst guide for getting a woman horny. That's how women can be prostitutes, they don't have to be turned on to have sex.