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November 10, 2014

5 ways to tell if a woman really loves you.

5 Signs of True Love

By King Christopher

Ever find yourself wondering if a woman really loves you, or loves you NOT? Here are 5 things women will do to a man if she’s actually in love with him.

Stalking: She will show up unannounced at places she wasn’t invited such as your work or home.

Intimidation: She will threaten you with castration if you sleep with another woman.

Possessive: She’ll check your phone and emails regularly to see if your talking to other women. Also, if you get caught looking at other women you’ll catch hell from her

Sex: Basically she’ll turn you into her personal sex slave.

Violence: I once had a girlfriend beat me up in public because I ignored her during a New Years Eve party. In her mind she was just being affectionate and it was best to just take it like a man!

It’s common practice for women to behave this way but I wouldn’t recommend doing these things if you’re a man.