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May 03, 2009


Soon I'll be leaving for NYC. I wonder if everyone up there asks you how you are at the grocery stores,etc.. I wonder if they use the weather as a segway to conversation...like yesterday the check out clerk at my neighborhood  supermarket  said" sure is a hot one today,ain't it?" I seized the moment to try out my best Ny'er response. "oh yes,I'm scwitzing like a mamaluke!" The cashier then said I have no idea in this world what you just said. I said "schwitzing" means sweating in Yiddish and a "mamaluke" is like a bobolink. She responds "I'm an avid bird watcher but I didn't know that they perspire. I said they don't, Ny'ers,especially Italian ones just like it if you call them that. She responds,"ohhh,that is so great to know because my husband and I are going to NYC. in July and we heard that some a these highfalutin' 'restaurants in NY;like in Tribeca,Soho and Little Italy won't even seat you unless "you're somebody." Also, if their ice tea isn't sweet enough for me;cause you know I do wanna' go to love-handle heaven one day, how do you get the attention of the stuck up waiter?Just in your very best Soprano voice call"hey,mamaluke;excuse me!" I have always loved being helpful and kind.Next...