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April 13, 2009


I really dig some Elmore Leonard novels.Let's face it,all the great writers are dead.Hunter S.Thompson,George Carlin,Richard Pryor,William S.Burroughs Sr and Jr,Hemingway,Melville,Fitzgerald,Dickens,Tolstoy,Steinbeck and etc...Elmore beats the shit out of Stephen King,Anne rice and James Patterson.The interviewer commented that line of people asking questions to Mr.Leonard looked like a police line-up. I retorted,"I can't help it I'm from New Orleans!"
Anyway,I found out that Elmore Leonard is a native New Orleanian.Now,it all makes sense why he would write all those crime novels.I asked him if he felt at Quentin Tarrantino watered down his novel Rum Punch by making the movie Jackie brown.Elmore Leonard liked Quentin better than any other director who adapt his novels to the big screen.I didn't get into details.But,Elmore understood the question.Cause,Quentin cut off the part of the book when the black gun dealer sold a bunch of guns to the Neo-Nazi Skinheads.It really capture the cold-blooded ruthless nature of that character.Especially,the deal gone bad.It would have been a completely different movie.Later on,he signed a copy of Cuba Libre which I got from the book barn on five dollar bag day.He Wrote,"To Sak
Remember The Maine.Elmore Leonard.Shit,I was happy that day.Too bad,Bret Ellis Easton wasn't there to sign my copy of American Pyscho.