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Published February 26, 2011

Does a bear shit In the woods

Giving her that O face! ;O

Sweet tits Magge!

2 One In the pink one in the stink

well Fuck me sideways!

Raw Dogin it

Hit her in the shitter

Take her easy and If she’s easy take her twice

wuz crapaing sweetchecks/Honky

Call it what you want to call it am a fucking alcoholic

Rock out with your cock out

Going balls deep

Hey there tons of fun

She is a ho fo sho

That was tits!

I think I just shit a brick

Look at them fun bags

Them damn guys drink like fish

Am Tripping Balls

THE money shot

Holly shit Balls

Am gona tap that ass

fuck them nappy headed chicken heads son

its like a shacka rackalame sweet thang

let me show you my jimmy jam thing baby!

them brods where acting like cunts

Its all about the rippin and the tarin

suck on these nuts bitch

that f*cked me so hard

sun of a bee stinger

Bag it befor you tag it bro

hey there buddy boy your wifes a Hussie you see

I just pulled a boner

what a VaJJ

that bitch is a skank girl!

that puts the lips in ding

Allrighty then CapEm!

am out like a Boner in sweatpants 

sLick Dick Willie!

Your a Gentlemen & a Scholar

AM BALLIN! Old cHamp

YO MOMMA is a Whore sunny boy!

Don't be a Marryanne


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