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Published February 26, 2011 More Info »
The X.F.L. league make a come back an the games will air on the W.W.E. Network. 
(  Also make a X.F.L. video game. ) 

A new version of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on the SyFy channel as a  new T.V. series. 
( or Syfy movie even , Hell do the T.V. move first and if it does good turn it into a T.V. show. ) 

T.N.A. impact pro wrestling on W.G.N. 
( Bell to Bell and Xplosion both airing on the W.G.N. network. ) 

N.W.A. pro wrestling back on T.N.T. and T.B.S. in the old W.C.W. time slots. 
( or on TruTV in them time slots would do. ) 

A Confederacy of Dunces ( The T.V. series based off the book. ) 

Arrive Alive ( The T.V. series based off the movie that was never finished. ) 

Shotgun Saturday Night and Sunday Night Heat back on the W.W.E. Network. 

UFL Football makes a come back in 2016 with it's 6 team it had before being showcased on The CW. 
( or showcased on ESPN , NBCSN , FOX Sports , ROOT Sports , and any other sport channel would do if a no go on The CW. ) 

Stoker and Hoop ( Back for a new season on Adult Swim , that or a Thursday Night Movie on Adult Swim so it's like a new season but really it's the Stoker and Hoop movie because the plot stays the same. ) 

( Lots more Crap later. ) 


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