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Published February 26, 2011 More Info »
Bring up Father : the Animated series. 
Buck Rogers 
Flash Gordon 
Billion dollar Bionics ( as in a Billion dollar ( was the six million dollar man back in the day ) in a t.v series with the bionic woman working together as a team in this new series that is a mix of the two old shows updated style. rated T.V. 14 ) 
A Confederacy of Dunces 
Birds of Prey 
Gotham Girls ( Live action ) 
Cool Hand Luke ( the T.V. Series based off the old classic Cool Hand Luke movie. ) 
Secret Girlfriend ( The Comedy Central T.V. movie. ) 
Ren and Stimpy Adult Party on Adult Swim
The Critic back for an all new season on FXX. 
Fast Times at Ridgemont High :The New Class ( Fast Times at Ridgemont high the T.V. series that takes place in the now.)
The Adventures of Bayou Billy ( The T.V. Series based off the comic book series. ) 
Contra 3D ( Now theirs a movie ! ) 
N.W.A. Power Hour Saturdays on T.B.S. 
Clerks: The Animated Series ( Back for a new season on Comedy Central or AS ) 
Undergrades ( The live action T.V. series on M.T.V. based off the old animated series. ) 
God the Devil and Bob ( New season on Adult Swim. ) 
Dilbert ( New season on the CW ) 
The Oblongs ( New sesaon right here on FOD ) 

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