In this new feature tentatively called 3–7 TV Clips, we feature anywhere between three and seven TV clips from the day before. Does that sound good? Today there are five clips. Feel free to start the clip counters we handed out at the beginning of class!

First comes the first clip: At Late Night, Justin Timberlake stopped by Seth Meyers’ offices to talk Justin Timberlake’s new #1 priority: writing late night theme songs. The only thing? There’s a twist. And dare we say, a fun one at that! Timberlake pitches Meyers several (bad) theme songs, and although the pop star and TV host might not agree on a lot of things, one thing they do agree on is “Fuck PBS.“

In other musical moments, Jesse Tyler Ferguson went full Broadway on James Corden to complain about the lack of attention being paid to him and the boring story that he would like to tell on a talk show. Bonus points to Allison Janney who doesn’t sing in this clip but is very impressive at convincingly talking in the background, even when there’s no one there to respond to her.

On The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore debuted a new segment with the perfect title: “Tyler Perry Presents Lee Daniels’ Soul Food Sit-Down With Larry Wilmore, Based on the novel Pull by Sapphire, Featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders.” Wilmore got presidential candidate Bernie Sanders not only to do an impression of the corpse from Weekend at Bernies, but also to say “on fleek,” which Sanders pronounces as “unfleek,” and with a very confused look on his face. Fun fact: Bernie Sanders is 74 years old!

Over on Conan, Fred Armisen explained his outfit at the Emmy awards, a subtle homage to Freddy Kruger that is indeed subtle until you get to the razorblade gloves.

And finally, you’ve heard of Freddy vs. Jason but what about Stephen vs. Stephen?? Now that’s a good transition! Stephen Colbert invited Steph Curry on his show to settle an argument about who should be the most famous Stephen, which they both spell the same but say differently, isn’t that interesting! The two Stephens settle things over a game of sock/laundry hamper basketball which they are both so, so, SO, bad at, almost as if they should have chosen something else to do to settle this argument.