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Published October 19, 2010
Taking back the power from the bullies in school, newly launched allows users to upload funny pictures from the days of braces, pimples or obsessions with heavy metal.Bringing back new wave from 1987.Cmon girl, lets step-it-up here, I need some good prom pictures to show the ex-girlfriend!Four adults,  a hack saw, and a stranded student… Sometimes its hard being a kidIf only I had given this exam strategy a try when I was in high school!Y’all come back and see us ya here!The Guns N’ Roses poster in the background, he’s almost there, just needs some help with the eyeliner!Is it the fluorescent green shovel, or the Nintendo shirt that makes this elementary school kid look so gangsta?If Beyonce and Jay Z had dated in kindergarten, this is what they might have looked like. Sometimes the bambinos come early! This high school senior is proud of his little one, might as well show-him-off!You gotta love the shaggy for one special prom nightIn Elementary School some apparently practice their improvisational skills earlier than others!For more funny school pictures check out