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November 25, 2009


Nothing humorous, just a public service announcement/request.

I am really getting tired of this new NO DELETE Newsfeed format.  I hate it.  I lose things and most of all miss things (especially blogs!). 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I would use the Newsfeed as sort of a to do list.  When I take care of something or there are multiples (e.g. favoriting Doc Ellis' LSD no-no, A LOT of us liked that one) I delete it.  If I also liked someones favorite a lot, I will also favorite it (see above). 

I like both (are they the same person?) Tubular Goldmine and That Happened (nothing like having seen a vid before it is featured, that makes me hip and in need of a life) .  Nothing like getting 30 videos from the two of them at once to clog your feed.  I do like some of their videos, but others suck.  When I watch them, I like to check them off the list by deleting them.

I have contacted FOD about this and got the well after 4-5 weeks it will go away anyway.  This is fine, but I am drowning NOW.  I used to keep mine at about 200 (mostly filled with JoeLeeThree jokes).  Now I am way above that and climbing.  I can imagine others are in far worse shape than I am.

I know I have missed some blogs by folks out there with this new NO DELETE format.  Sorry, I am trying to not miss any.

If you are as *&$%#@ upset as I am PLEASE,PLEASE contact FOD and ask for the ability to delete Newsfeed items to be returned.

Thanks, and don't eat any of the Slant turkey gravy today.   ;O