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February 20, 2009


You know I was on ebay buying a bunch of crap and I realized that I have bought alot of stuff online. Let me run down a list. I bought a boat online, I bought a snowmobile online, I even bought and sold my last house online. Roger Stauback autographed football for my brothers birthday back in o4, pots and pans, cb radio's boat paddles, fishing gear, I sold my boat online. I have bought and sold so much stuff on line it lead me to decide what was the weirdest thing that I have bought and sold online. I'd have to say that it was this. A few years ago when I had the ranch, I bough a Percheron Horse on line for one thousand dollars. Her name was Alize because everyone knows Percheron's are french. I had her for a year and we were real good friends, and I (like everyone else in USA) Had some issues with the markets ect. Found myself having to move back into town, and I sold Ally online for two thousand dollars to a big ranch down south with over 1000 acres. I hope she is well. So what is the strangest thing you have ever bought or sold online? don't tell me if its sex. I don't need to know.