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July 12, 2008


Hancock is the #1 movie in the world at the moment. i liked this movie (mostly). but really, that fact that it's tops on the planet right now is further proof that Will Smith could write his name on a turd, throw it against a wall, film it, and, if he released it around july 4th, it would make movie history for being the shortest film to gross $100 million.

cause if anybody else was Hancock they never would have made the movie...we all wouldn't go see a superhero movie about a superhero nobody has ever heard of...but if the fresh prince is our derring-do-gooder, it's a surefire money maker. much like Tom Hanks and his poignant, silly, and very human characters of the 90's were the sure thing before him, Will Smith's action adventures are (quite possibly) the most bankable investments of this young century.

so three cheers for Mr. Smith. thanks for bringing us something new...even if the packaging looks a little familiar.