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August 30, 2010

Will Ferrell Walks Into a Bar.......

Will Ferrell walks into a bar and the bartender says "Oh,My God Aren't You Will Ferrell?" Will replies Yes actually I am. So The Bartender Smiles and then says "What the Hell are You Doin' In My Bar You Fuckin' Wierdo?" Will Stunned at this remark says Sir I just came in for a Beer what's the Problem? The Bartender just stares for a minute in silence and then begins to say..."The Way You Spoke to Your Landlord was disgraceful!!!!!" Will Begins to laugh and starts telling the man Sir it was just a joke! The Bartender now looking very confused says "I know so was this!!!! I Got Will Ferrell,I Got Will Ferrell" he begins announcing to the whole Bar. So then Will is just speechless and suddenly turns to the Bartender and says I fucked the Landlord how's that for a joke! Now Give Me a Fuckin' Beer You Wierdo!!!!!