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August 09, 2012

Awesome moments in animals


Well in the first installment of these Chronicles on my blog, I describe how my little bitch is always a surprise to all and sundry. Two adorable twin chihuahua puppies have recently become part of our growing family; in addition to the 2 cats..geeezz! Things are now getting stranger.

After introducing the puppies to our 4 year old Border Collie Mago – something unusual has actually happened. Not only has Mago decided to be their nanny but she is also nursing them!!  I am not kidding guys!! I came to learn of Mago’s love for puppies when I got them home since she would not give them breathing space, all about them as though she were the mother.

Following them everywhere, he would break up their fights and keep an eye on them 24/7 like a security guard would to a bank! But she then took her responsibilities a step further when she ajust laid there and let the puppies suckle. We had expected Mago to push them away but what motherly love it was at play!