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January 01, 2009


Today at work I found the most interesting thing---a little person and by little person I mean about 4 inches tall.  Like "The Littles," an old cartoon.  The Little man I found didn't have a tale like the Little Family.  Anyway, I had just gotten to the office and turned on the light and saw something run under my desk.  I must say I was a little startled.  "It could be a rat," I thought.  I sat there staring under my desk and finally a tiny head peaked out from behind the leg of my desk.  Believe you me, it's a little awkward seeing a 4 inch man.  I got down on the floor to get a better look and the first think I blurted out was, "where in the hell did you get clothes that small?" 

"We are a whole civilization like you sir."  the little man said.  "Wow , they speak English too," I thought.  This was definately the third most amazing thing I have ever seen.  I talked the little man into climbing into my hand and I placed him on top of my desk

"What is your name?"  I asked.  "And where do you little people come from?" 

"My name is Stefon alat Fromztzioux and my people come from Zalartzan, deep within your earth."   "Wow!" I thought.  "I think I'll call you Little Steve for now."

In my next blog, I'll tell you how Little Steve saved me from great pain and perhaps saved my life.  Have a great Day for now.......Cody