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December 02, 2009


...stuff it. Nobody cares. In case you don't know who you are, you drive my daughter's school bus and you think, somehow, that even though she's been taking the bus for four years and getting along quite well before you, that I need YOU to tell ME what kind of jacket she should wear, suggest (and suggest WAAAAAAAYY to often), alternate ways I can bring the wheelchair down in varying weather and, as of late, tell me who I should invite to my home, how often and often suggest that the girls have a "sleepover". Here's some advice to you :Shut the Fuck Up. Stop. I am aware that it was pizza day today and the girls don't want pizza. They have voices, which you are well aware of since you complain that they are too loud and give you a headache. I will not order Chinese. I did not invite anyone over for a sleepover, nor did they invite my daughter for one at their house. You don't tell us how often our children should play together or insist on us making plans we are not interested in making any. Don't tell me what I "should" do. Stop. I already have a European male in my house browbeating me, I do NOT require extra input from a man who wears a neon ski vest circa 1984. If not for the fact that you are punctual (a quality sorely lacking in most other drivers), I would completely lose my shit on you for talking to me like your wife or some woman on the face of the Earth who's required in some way to bathe in your infinite wisdom. I was not so evil in my past life as to be punished in such a way and if you keep it up...let's just say I will explain the difference to you in such a way that not only will you "understand", but you will REMEMBER. Do we understand each other yet?