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June 27, 2011

A married couple in Pasadena, California have their ring fingers surgically removed, exchanged with each other and then re-attached for wedding ceremony.

A newly married couple in Pasadena, California tied the knot this weekend when they exchanged fingers instead of rings in this unique wedding/surgical ceremony. Beecher Riley and his wife Harriet O'Gillium Riley stated they didn't want the traditional mamby pamby ring exchange ceremony, "I decided we would exchange ring fingers instead of rings" Beecher stated. "This way, I will always have part of her with me but mostly because rings are childish and ugly." 
Despite advice and requests from multiple doctors to not exchange fingers, the couple insisted on going through with the surgical ceremony. Dr. Lloyd Trevors, from the Fresno Finger Institute stated, "This really hasn't been done before.  Both couples are quite likely to experience a severe decrease in motor functions for their fingers,hand and arm, some heavy infection and may even experience large amounts of severe mental stress due to the phalangeal exchange, it was a very poor choice."
The surgical-wedding ceremony lasted nearly 3 hours as guests were fed finger decorated wedding cake.